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How to change your language preferences in IdeaBuddy
How to change your language preferences in IdeaBuddy
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If you wish to switch to your preferred language and have IdeaBuddy's pages displayed accordingly, you have several options for doing so:

  1. During Account Creation:

    When you are in the process of creating your IdeaBuddy account, you can easily set your preferred language on the Sign Up page. This initial selection will ensure that your experience with IdeaBuddy is in your chosen language from the very beginning.

  2. When Logging In:

    If you've already created an account and are logging in, you can also adjust your language preferences at this stage. IdeaBuddy provides you with the flexibility to choose your language each time you log in, ensuring a personalized experience.

  3. Within IdeaBuddy:

    Once you are logged in, navigate to the My Profile page within IdeaBuddy. Here, you can make changes to your language preferences at any time. This allows you to switch languages based on your evolving needs or preferences.

Changing your language preferences in IdeaBuddy is a simple process, and you have the flexibility to do it during account creation, login, or within the app itself on the "My Profile" page. Enjoy using IdeaBuddy in the language that suits you best!

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