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Choosing the right price plan for your needs
Choosing the right price plan for your needs
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You can find all our price plans on the pricing page.

Standard Plans

We offer three primary price plans:

  • Dreamer

  • Founder

  • Team Pro

For each of these plans, you can opt for either a monthly or an annual subscription. Keep in mind that choosing an annual subscription can save you up to 60%. Additionally, you have the flexibility to select the number of ideas and collaborators that suit your requirements, with options for 1, 3, 10, or 30.

Here's a brief overview of each plan:


If you're in the early stages of structuring your ideas and financial projections, and you're not yet committed to transforming them into a business, the Dreamer plan is an excellent choice. With this plan, you can:

  • Create your business model using Idea Plan (a one-page business canvas).

  • Develop your concept with our step-by-step Business Guide.

  • Access guides and templates for various types of business ideas.

  • Perform financial projections, calculating profit, cash flow, and other financial metrics.

  • Export your Idea Plan and Financial Plan to PDF or Word for easy sharing.

  • Rest assured that your security and privacy are safeguarded - we keep your ideas and personal data entirely confidential.


Choose the Founder plan if you're determined to turn your idea into a business and want to validate it while creating an investor-ready business plan. In addition to Dreamer plan features, you'll also receive:

  • The ability to validate your business idea and obtain an idea score.

  • Access to our business plan builder to craft an investor-ready business plan.

  • The same security and privacy guarantees as the Dreamer plan.

Team Pro

Team Pro is our all-inclusive plan, offering unrestricted access. It's an ideal choice for small teams and startups with multiple ideas. What sets this plan apart is the whiteboard tool, designed for collaborative idea visualization. Of course, we maintain the same stringent security and privacy standards for your ideas and personal data.


Also, we have custom plans for larger teams and companies (Enterprise plan) and plans for schools and non-profit organizations.

Enterprise plan

We also provide custom plans tailored to larger teams and organizations, such as our Enterprise plan. This comprehensive offering allows for multiple accounts within your organization, and we'll work closely with you to address your specific needs. Simply let us know your requirements, and we'll reach out to discuss your request.

Plan for business schools and non-profits

For schools, universities, and non-profit organizations, we have dedicated plans with special discounts. Feel free to contact us to explore the discounts available to you.

Choose the plan that best aligns with your goals and organization's requirements, and embark on your entrepreneurial journey with confidence.

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